Is Apple the digital "Trojan Horse" that enables greater data collection? Its use of "behavioral targeting"

By: Jeff Chester | Sep 19 2014

Apple's privacy announcements are a positive step.  But we cannot accept they don't know--and aren't taking advantage of--the dramatic changes transforming financial (and health) decision-making due to the convergence of our digital lifestyle and Big Data-driven society.  We believe Apple is repositioning itself to be a "middleman" between its customers and partners--which are the banks, credit card companies, retailers, fast food restaurants and health services.  The business for Apple, Google and practically everyone else is to collect as much data on an individual and connect them--throu

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CDD statement on Yelp, COPPA and FTC

By: Jeff Chester | Sep 17 2014

This case shows that even large companies are rushing to make mobile apps without building in appropriate safeguards for children, required by COPPA. Yelp not only collected information from children, it published their reviews to anyone who checked the site—potentially putting child users at further risk in terms of privacy and safety harms.

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Apple’s claims on mobile privacy & payments with Apple Pay: Read what digital marketers say about it

By: Jeff Chester | Sep 11 2014

In announcing its new mobile payments system—called Apple Pay—Apple claimed that it had designed the service with privacy in mind.  “Security and privacy is at the core of Apple Pay.

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