Bravo, President Obama on Net Neutrality and Supporting People over the Telecom Monopolies

By: Jeff Chester | Nov 10 2014

The President understands what's at stake for Americans if the country allows the phone and cable industry to successfully control the online medium.  His support for Title II regulation stands as a key acheivement of his Administration.  The goal of the cable and phone lobby has always been to extend into the Internet world the same domination they have enjoyed providing phone and TV service.  Hopefully, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler, a former cable and telecom industry lobbyis

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Digital Junk Food Marketing and African American Youth/Infographic by CDD

By: Jeff Chester | Sep 22 2014

Youth of color are a key focus for digital marketers, especially for fast-foods and beverages linked to the youth obesity epidemic.  The digital targeting of African American and Hispanic youth is growing, and uses a full array of sophisticated mobile, geo-location, social media and other cutting-edge marketing strategies.  Food and beverage marketers should adopt practices that stop unfair and irresponsible digital marketing practices.  The FTC and State AG's should call for safeguards.

Here's the latest CDD Infographic that addresses African American youth.

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