• M&A Activity Across the Media and Tech-Enabled Services Sector was Red-Hot

    By: Staff | Oct 12 2015

    New York, NY October 1, 2015 – Overall M&A activity across the media, information, marketing, software and tech-enabled services sectors was red-hot during the first three quarters of 2015, with 1,758 transactions announced at a total value of $106.2 billion year to date.  Both deal volume and value showed solid gains over the same period in 2014, when 1,636 deals totaled $96.8 billion in value.

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  • IRI Shopper Marketing Cloud ™ Paves the Way for Top-Line Growth

    By: Staff | Oct 9 2015

    Aims to Be the World’s Single Largest Integrated Set of Consumer, Purchase and Media Data; Foundation for Breakthrough Prescriptive Analytics, Software and Technology

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  • Measuring Conversions on Facebook, Across Devices and in Mobile Apps

    By: Staff | Oct 7 2015

    Today we’re launching cross-device reporting for Facebook ads, enabling advertisers to see for the first time how people are moving between devices — across mobile apps and the web — before they convert.
    Reporting for a multi-device world
    Imagine seeing an ad for a product on your mobile phone while in line at the bank. Do you immediately make a purchase on your phone? Probably not.
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  • Safe Harbor on Data Declared Illegal: Message to U.S.—Time to Enact Privacy Law that Protects Americans and Supports Global Data Protection

    By: Jeff Chester | Oct 6 2015

    Today’s historic decision by the European Court of Justice, which overturned the purposely ineffective “Safe Harbor” deal enabling data to flow to the U.S., is very welcome.  As one reads the court’s findings, it’s clear that for the EU, fundamental and human rights include the right to have your personal privacy protected.  That means from both governmental surveillance (such as the NSA and other intelligence agencies) and also with commercial Internet companies—as Google or Facebook.

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  • Omnicom adds Atlas tags to DoubleClick-served ads

    By: Staff | Oct 6 2015

    Recent moves by Google and Facebook have left some industry observers declaring this the dawn of a “walled garden” era of ad tech — one in which brands and agencies need to use a platform’s ad tech when purchasing that platform’s media.

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  • Device recognition and digital identification resolution

    By: Staff | Oct 2 2015

    Leading the digital resolution

    Today consumers move seamlessly between their desktop, laptop, mobile phones, and other connected devices. Depending on which site a consumer visits, what they're doing, if they're on an app or a mobile browser, there are different identifiers used. Because there isn't a consistent way of identifying consumers, marketers often see these people as different people, or, in some cases, not at all.

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  • Connected Recognition

    By: Staff | Sep 30 2015

    Merkle’s Connected Recognition process manages and associates identifiers across channels and media to fuel the execution and optimization of integrated marketing and sales activities.

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  • Internet advertising to overtake television in 2018 as print continues to shrink

    By: Staff | Sep 28 2015

    Mobile internet advertising will overtake newspaper advertising next year, accounting for 12.4% of global adspend while newspapers account for 11.9%, according to ZenithOptimedia’s new Advertising Expenditure Forecasts. Mobile internet will be the third-largest advertising medium, behind television and desktop internet. Mobile advertising will grow 38% in 2016 to US$71bn, while newspaper advertising will shrink 4% to US$68bn.

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  • Advocate General: EU-US 'Safe Harbor' deal invalid over US spy scandal

    By: Staff | Sep 25 2015

    1. But Facebook says they have never granted ‘mass access’ to the NSA?

    The Irish High Court has found as a matter of fact, that Facebook did participate in mass surveillance in the United States and EU data is made available to US authorities (see judgement).

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  • Big Data and smart devices and their impact on privacy

    By: Staff | Sep 23 2015

    The numerous debates triggered by the increased collection and processing of personal data for various - and often unaccountable - purposes are particularly vivid at the EU level. Two interlinked, and to some extent conflicting, initiatives are relevant here: the development of EU strategies promoting a data-driven economy and the current reform of the EU personal data protection legal framework in the context of the adoption of a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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  • IRI Shopper Marketing Cloud Paves the Way for Top-Line Growth

    By: Staff | Sep 21 2015

    CHICAGO and AUSTIN, Texas — April 21, 2015 — Information Resources, Inc.

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  • U.S. Public Interest Group and Center for Digital Democracy Urge FTC to Protect Consumers from Unfair Lead Generation Practices in Comments filed for Oct. workshop

    By: Jeff Chester | Sep 19 2015

    The FTC requested that comments for the upcoming October 30, 2015 workshop on lead generation be submitted by September 20th so that issues could be addressed during the sessions.  USPIRG and CDD submitted initial comments, which are attached below and also summarized.  One of our findings from a recent analysis of the online "lead gen" marketplace was that digital industry leaders--including Google and Facebook--engage and support online lead generation in ways that raise substantive consumer protection concerns.  USPIRG and CDD have been working for the last several years to encourage pol

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  • Internet as a Commons: Public Space in the Digital Age

    By: Jeff Chester | Sep 18 2015

    The Internet as a whole has become an important part of our global public sphere. Internet provides access to a wealth of information and knowledge, and the possibility to participate, create and communicate. This public space made up of internet infrastructures is increasingly threatened from two sides; by the centralization and commercialization through the dominant positions held by giant telecom and Internet companies, as well as by an increasing trend in state regulation and censorship of the net.

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  • My personal data, nobody's business but my own:

    By: Jeff Chester | Sep 17 2015

    BEUC reiterates the urgent need to put consumers back in control over the way their personal data is processed online and hopes an agreement on the General Data Protection Regulation will be reached under the Luxembourg Presidency.

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  • MMA Global Smarties Awards Shortlist Celebrates Innovation and Effectiveness in Mobile Marketing

    By: Staff | Sep 14 2015

    New York – August 20, 2015 –Honoring the trailblazers leveraging the power of mobile marketing, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) today revealed the shortlist for the 2015 Global Smarties™ Awards. The close to 100 campaigns from far reaching countries around the world represent the next evolution of what is possible when brands place mobile at the core of their marketing strategies.   

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  • Opera Mediaworks and comScore release new native video ad effectiveness study for auto-playing

    By: Staff | Sep 11 2015

    With the rapid growth of native, in-feed, auto-play video, Opera Mediaworks and comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) have partnered on an industry-first study on the subject to better understand ad effectiveness of mobile-first video for native environments to help brands drive more impact with their creative. The study, released today, found that brands and agencies are seeing meaningful results from mobile-first, purpose-built video ad creative. 

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  • Publicis Groupe Acquires Programmatic Platform RUN

    By: Staff | Sep 9 2015

    The programmatic ad tech consolidation continues. Publicis Groupe has bought mobile-focused ad platform RUN, previously known as RUN DSP, the holding company said Tuesday. Read more on RUN's blog or read Publicis' release. Details of the deal – including price – were not disclosed.

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  • Make Room For Marketers On The Hispanic Path To Purchase

    By: Staff | Sep 4 2015

    The growth of Hispanic consumers’ influence in the United States has been nothing short of explosive. Today, they represent one of the most powerful–and attractive–shopper segments in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, and for good reason. Not only do the 57 million U.S. Hispanics already boast an estimated collective spending power of more than $1.3 trillion, their spending and income is only growing.

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  • Shopper Futures Pairs Mondelez Brands With Retailers, Startups

    By: Staff | Sep 2 2015

    DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Mondelēz International has announced the eight startups selected to participate in the company's Shopper Futures program.
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  • Real-Time Bidding Protocol

    By: Staff | Aug 31 2015

    Cookie Matching 

    This guide explains how the Cookie Matching Service enables you to make more effective bidding choices.

    The Cookie Matching Service enables a buyer to associate two kinds of data:

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