• VTech Affiliate Marketing Program

    By: Staff | Dec 2 2015

    VTech Kids would like to invite you to become a part of our Affiliate Program. Our site is growing at an exciting pace. and we hope you'll be a part of it! Sign up today to become a Vtechkids.com affiliate and begin earning commission on every qualified sale!

    Vtechkids.com is a member of Commission Junction. To become an affiliate you will need to join Commission Junction as well. http://www.cj.com

    Program Highlights:

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  • RealityMine Chosen By Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement to Conduct Youth Total Cross-Media Usage Measurement Project

    By: Staff | Nov 30 2015

    NEW YORK – June 16, 2015 – The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) announced today that RealityMine, a leading provider of mobile market research technologies and consumer analytics, has been chosen to undertake the Children and Teens’ Measurement project. The project’s aim is to make possible a thorough and comprehensive view of cross-platform, digital and mobile measurement of content and ads among children and teens aged two to 17.

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  • Rocket Fuel Expands Politics and Advocacy Group to Meet Accelerated Demand for its Programmatic Media Solutions

    By: Staff | Nov 24 2015

    REDWOOD CITY, Calif., July 23, 2015 – Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL), a leading programmatic marketing platform provider that uses artificial intelligence (AI) at Big Data scale to optimize marketing ROI for global agencies and enterprise marketers, today announced it has strategically expanded its politics and advocacy group to support the growing demand for its programmatic solutions in the political space.

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  • Xaxis Brings Programmatic to Political Advertising with Xaxis Politics

    By: Staff | Nov 23 2015

    Xaxis, the world’s largest programmatic media and technology platform, announced today the launch of Xaxis Politics, the industry’s first targeted political advertising solution for reaching U.S.

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  • Get personal: Market with behavioral data from IBM UBX

    By: Staff | Nov 20 2015

    Act on data from any channel in any channel. 

    The typical brand uses 30+ different solutions to engage their customers. The IBM Universal Behavior Exchange is an open exchange that makes it easy to share customer data between certified solutions, bypassing the custom IT work typically required to launch a personalized campaign and speeding time to market from weeks to just one day. Best of all, this new feature is available in the IBM Marketing Cloud and other IBM Commerce products at no additional charge.

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  • Facebook’s DSP: Will the Data Be Enough in a Programmatic World?

    By: Staff | Nov 18 2015

    Programmatic has emerged from the outer echelons of the ad-tech world and taken its place on advertising’s main stage. The industry is now on board with what the experts have known all along – that programmatic’s real-time audience insights are the best foundation for effective campaigning. The shift from niche to normal is largely attributable to the technology’s ability to respond to what today’s marketers want and what brands need: to target campaigns on audience, not just content.

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  • Leveraging the Power of Data to Engage People on Facebook

    By: Staff | Nov 16 2015

    It is no secret the consumption of media has changed. Consumers are now interacting with brands not only in-store and online but through a multitude of devices. The opportunity for brands to connect with consumers with relevant messages, in real-time has never been more prevalent, but brands are still challenged with effectively reaching on-the-go consumers. As marketers try to effectively reach consumers across channels where do the best opportunities lie?

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  • Ten Questions that the Federal Trade Commission Should Answer on Cross-Device Online Tracking of Individuals.

    By: Jeff Chester | Nov 16 2015

    1. Why has the FTC waited so long to review this serious threat to our privacy?

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  • How Industry Lobbyists Help Kill Strong FTC role on privacy and consumer protection

    By: Staff | Nov 13 2015

    Language strengthening the Federal Trade Commission has been removed from a newly-merged financial regulatory reform bill. The FTC provisions in the federal legislation were opposed by numerous advertising and business groups, among them the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Direct Marketing Association, Association of National Advertisers, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 

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  • Rubicon Project Launches Washington, D.C. Office; Announces Key Roles Supporting Political Campaign and Advocacy Advertising

    By: Staff | Nov 11 2015

    Los Angeles & Washington, D.C – July 22, 2015 — Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI) a global technology company leading the automation of advertising, announced today the opening of an office in Washington, D.C. Theresa Mueller, previously of Rocket Fuel and a recognized leader in political and advocacy digital advertising, will spearhead the growth of the new office. 

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  • Collective: The best in mobile audience targeting at your fingertips

    By: Staff | Nov 9 2015

    The Collective brings top Publishers and savvy Advertisers together for the most efficient audience targeting in the mobile industry. Kochava, in collaboration with Appia, AdXcel, Altrooz and Liquid, is excited to announce the largest and first-ever collection of cross-publisher mobile audiences.

    How it Works

    Advertisers create segments via the Audience API by querying the billions of devices within the Collective and its robust data model. These segments are then matched to the best Collective media sources.

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  • PushSpring Launches Audience Console™ to Enable Marketers to Quickly Build Custom Mobile App Audiences

    By: Staff | Nov 6 2015

    SEATTLE (September 28, 2015)  PushSpring, the first and largest independent app-based mobile audience platform, today announced the launched of a beta version of the PushSpring Audience Console™ that allows selected mobile app owners, marketers and agencies to quickly build custom audiences to reach mobile app(s) users at significant scale.

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  • Nielsen's eXelate Pushes Into Mobile, Springs Into Billions Of User Identities

    By: Staff | Nov 4 2015

    In a deal being announced today with one of the world’s largest aggregators of mobile user identities and behaviors, Nielsen’s eXelate unit will dramatically expand its footprint of data identifying mobile users.

    The deal is significant because eXelate is already one of the dominant data management platforms (DMP) and exchanges enabling brands and publishers to identify and target consumers with digital ads online --  and increasingly in mobile.

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  • “Fundamental Rights are Fundamental” Statement of Leading Digital Rights and Consumer NGOs

    By: Staff | Oct 30 2015

    37th International Conference of
    Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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  • Amsterdam Privacy Conference, October 23-26

    By: Staff | Oct 26 2015

    This unique interdisciplinary conference is taking place October 23-26 at the intimate venue of the Oudemanhuispoort in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is organized by the Amsterdam Platform for Privacy Research (APPR), an initiative of the University of Amsterdam with active participants from such diverse disciplines as philosophy, law, economics, informatics, social sciences, medical sciences and media sciences. APC 2015 will bring together leading experts in the field of privacy who will formulate, discuss and answer the challenging privacy questions that lie ahead of us.

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  • Device recognition and digital identification resolution

    By: Staff | Oct 23 2015

    Leading the digital resolution

    Today consumers move seamlessly between their desktop, laptop, mobile phones, and other connected devices. Depending on which site a consumer visits, what they're doing, if they're on an app or a mobile browser, there are different identifiers used. Because there isn't a consistent way of identifying consumers, marketers often see these people as different people, or, in some cases, not at all.

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  • Drawbridge: Building the Technology that Maps the Cross-Device World

    By: Staff | Oct 21 2015

    Drawbridge understands consumers. A lot of companies can say that, but we take it a step further. In fact, we can actually predict consumer behavior. Is that even possible? Because we know how people use their devices to get information about things they are interested in, we understand their patterns, tendencies, intentions and goals even before they do. This enables us to provide our customers with the most comprehensive understanding of their customers, on a one-to-one basis. 

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  • Mondelez Renews Global Facebook Partnership, With Focus on Video, E-Commerce

    By: Staff | Oct 19 2015

    Mondelez International has renewed its global partnership with Facebook, originally signed in March 2014.

    Like the first contract, this one spans 52 countries and allows Mondelez to opt into beta-testing programs on Facebook and Instagram. 

    In this new phase, Mondelez said, the companies will be focusing on the fastest-growing consumer behaviors — video consumption and mobile commerce — working together to create and deliver video content to drive impulse snack purchases.

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  • Winning Omni-Channel Shoppers in Their Micro-Moments

    By: Staff | Oct 16 2015

    Micro-moments are transforming the way consumers shop. Retailers have to win micro-moments to win omni-channel shoppers. As we head into the holiday season, Google's VP of Marketing, Lisa Gevelber, shares three ways retailers can be moments-ready, using examples from those that have seen success.

    This past summer, America fell in love with women's soccer. My two daughters were among the most avid fans, and they, like millions of others, got swept up in the moment.

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  • Improving Engagement and Performance in Digital Advertising

    By: Staff | Oct 14 2015

    If he were alive today, department store magnate John Wanamaker, who famously wondered which half of the money he spent on advertising was wasted, would be doubly frustrated. The odds are that he’d still be misspending—even though the tools and techniques that can finally solve his conundrum would lie within his reach.

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