The recent FTC databroker report was a important review of contemporary data collection practices.  The dominant paradigm is to collect and merge every bit of our information, what the data company Merkle has defined as "connected recognition."  We are assessed, scored and our information then used in "actionable" ways--for targeting, influence-building or to ignore us as unworthy prospects.  It's the business model that is the problem, and which requires

China and Southeast Asia are key targets for the digital marketing industry, given the huge numbers of mobile-connected and online youthful "consumers."  An array of interactive campaigns can be found in that region, promoting junk food, financial products, alcohol beverages and cars.  Bu

For its technical report on "Big Data," the President's Council on Science and Technology has a select "Big Data and Privacy Working Group."  It is comprised of a smaller number of PCAST Advisor members.  But the group includes a number of individuals who have either direct or related links to the data collection industry.  These conflicts should have been addressed by the White House.