The White House should be commended for reviewing issues related to “Big Data,” including acknowledging the discriminatory role this technology can play. However, the report failed to identify the commercial surveillance complex that has been put in place by Google, Facebook, and many other data-driven businesses.

Yesterday's Department of Commerce/NTIA "multistakeholder" meeting to develop privacy "codes of conduct" provided more evidence on why the concept of Internet governance by so-called stakeholders is a oxymoron.  A great deal is at stake here, since the Obama Administration has placed the future of American privacy largely in the hands of this DC lobbyist dominated group.  Europeans also stand to lose here, as the U.S.

The White House will release its report on "Big Data" this week.  While it will no doubt include laudatory language on the positive potential of Big-Data to help achieve a more just and healthier society and robust economy, it will raise concerns about the negative consequences of the system now in place.  Here are at least 10 recommendations or actions we believe should appear in report:

The online data industry has created a commercial surveillance state.