• Political Scholars, NGOs Call on Facebook, Digital Industry to Support Rules for Political Campaigns

    By: Jeff Chester | Sep 23 2017

    Released on September 22, 2017 at a political microtargeting conference held in Amsterdam, in response to the recent announcement by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg on changes to how they conduct political ad campaigns.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Dear Mark,

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  • Without Broadband Privacy, Californians Losing Key Consumer Protection Rights—Example 1

    By: Jeff Chester | Sep 18 2017

    Integrated into their end-to-end platform, Smartplay provides a real-time, one-to-one connection to viewer’s device, enabling them to optimize monetization opportunities.

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  • Phone and Cable ISPs Assemble a Big Data Commercial Surveillance Apparatus Aimed at Californians: Use of “hyperlocal” data targeting practices bring greater privacy threats to neighborhoods and communities.

    By: Jeff Chester | Sep 13 2017

    1. Key control of multiple devices, including TV. ISPs have positioned themselves to expand their consumer data collection across all the devices/platforms they operate. This includes broadband connections (including streaming media), mobile devices, PCs, and also TV. Unlike Google and Facebook, the cable and telephone ISPs largely control the TV set. Comcast has enabled its NBC division to use its set-top box data for targeting, for example.

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  • Equifax Unveils Data-driven Marketing Capabilities to Help Brands Drive Maximum Customer Value

    By: Jeff Chester | Sep 13 2017

    Equifax Inc., a global information solutions provider, today unveiled its next-generation Data-driven Marketing capabilities, designed to help brands conquer the challenges preventing them from realizing their data-driven marketing goals. 

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  • Big Data, Digital Marketing and the Equifax Data Breach

    By: Jeff Chester | Sep 13 2017

    “Marketers. Ready, aim, engage! It is easier than ever to hit the right marketing targets,” explains Equifax about its far-reaching data capabilities that capture, analyze, and sell our information. Equifax’s admission last week about its loss of personal information on 143 million Americans—including Social Security and drivers license numbers—is also a wake-up call about the dramatic loss of our privacy in the digital era.

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  • Comcast, Cox, Charter Sell Your Data to Political Groups

    By: Jeff Chester | Sep 5 2017

    What connects cable, online and on demand viewers? NCC Digital Video. 

    NCC’s approach to advertising reaches premium voter audiences across all screens. 

    Only NCC has the unrivaled ability to target authenticated subscribers in a variety of ways across premium cable content and websites. And with our targeting technology, NCC can continue to target this subscriber as well as additional specific audiences throughout the web. 

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  • Broadband Co’s Spy on Your TV Viewing and Sell to Political Groups—Part III

    By: Jeff Chester | Sep 1 2017

    Deep Root Analytics, a leading media & audience analytics company that creates data platforms for audience targeting and ad monitoring, announced today that it has expanded the number of audiences available with D2 Media Sales to enable political, corporate & advocacy advertisers to target Dish and DIRECTV households using proprietary audience segments.

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  • Broadband Co’s Spy on Your TV Viewing and sell to Political Groups—Part II

    By: Jeff Chester | Aug 30 2017

    Political data firms on both sides of the aisle have bolstered their addressable TV capabilities. Today, Democratic data firm TargetSmart and Republican data outfit Data Trust each announced new partnerships with TV data providers. The outcome should be even more TV spots, especially from congressional campaigns, targeted to households of key voter segments than ever before.

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  • Health Wearable Devices Pose New Consumer and Privacy Risks

    By: Kathryn Montgomery, Jeff Chester, Katharina Kopp | Aug 29 2017

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  • New Report: Health Wearable Devices Pose New Consumer and Privacy Risks

    By: Jeff Chester | Aug 29 2017

    Personal health wearable devices that consumers are using to monitor their heart rates, sleep patterns, calories, and even stress levels raise new privacy and security risks, according to a report released today by researchers at American University and the Center for Digital Democracy.

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  • Broadband Co’s Spy on Your TV Viewing and sell to Political Groups

    By: Jeff Chester | Aug 28 2017

    FourthWall Media and Data Trust announced a partnership that will create a unique feed utilizing Data Trust’s comprehensive data warehouse. Data Trust will connect FourthWall’s census-level television viewership data to its GOP dataset of over 190 million American voters from all 50 states. The integrated solution will help allied analytics companies build media and television-centric targeting solutions for their customers.

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  • Google Expanded Influencer Marketing: Industry Stealth Apparatus Requires Scrutiny

    By: Jeff Chester | Jul 11 2017

    FameBit is an online marketplace that connects YouTubers with brands that are interested in advertising their products and services.
    This provides creators an opportunity to earn money with their content by partnering with brands that are relevant to their audience. 
    Learn about Famebit, the Self-Service Influencer Marketing Platform.

    famebit 1
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  • New Report by Cracked Labs: Corporate Surveillance in Everyday Life

    By: Jeff Chester | Jun 13 2017

    The new report by Cracked Labs titled "Corporate Surveillance in Everyday Life" with contributions by CDD's Katharina Kopp, provides a powerful overview of the commercial surveillance infastructure, key players and trends. 

    The report is available as a ten-part overview online and as a free, detailed 93-page PDF.

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  • No kidding: Facebook and Alphabet are Online Advertising Companies Above All

    By: Katharina Kopp | May 31 2017

    Chart: Here’s How 5 Tech Giants Make Their Billions


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  • U.S. Privacy Dealt Major Set-back as Broadband Protections are Overturned by Congress and President Trump

    By: Jeff Chester | Apr 3 2017

    President Trump has killed the first real protections for commercial privacy that Americans have online. Phone and cable giants, allied with the GOP Congressional majority, have just voted to overturn the historic consumer-data safeguards adopted last year by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). AT&T, Comcast, Verizon—the country’s dominant providers of high speed broadband—along with industry and Congressional GOP allies, intensely opposed the new FCC rule. Why?

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  • People Have No Control

    By: Jeff Chester | Mar 30 2017

    CDD Executive Director, Jeff Chester speaks on Congress’ dismantling of the FCC Privacy Rule with CNN’s Jake Tapper on March 29th, 2017.

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  • Americans Lose Privacy Rights in Senate Vote

    By: Jeff Chester | Mar 23 2017

    Americans lost a crucial right today as the GOP-controlled Senate voted to overturn the only federal protection that could have protected their privacy online. This is a key victory for lobbyists from the ISP monopolies, such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon. These companies have built a “Big Data" business model to track—and profit from—our every move online. Today, Americans who use personal computers, mobile phones and other online devices are the victims of continuous monitoring of their digital activities.

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  • Empowering and Protecting Youth in the Big Data Era: Issues and Perspectives from the EU and U.S.

    By: Jeff Chester | Mar 21 2017

    Young people are growing up in a digital world of constant connectivity – engaging 24/7 through social media, mobile devices, gaming platforms, and video streaming channels.  While offering important opportunities for youth to express their creativity, explore and learn, interact with their peers, and participate in civic discourse, contemporary digital media can also pose threats to their privacy and can negatively impact their development.  Children and teens spend or influence an estimated $1.2 trillion a year worldwide.

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  • Big Data Power Grab by AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and other Broadband ISPs: Part 1

    By: Jeff Chester | Mar 16 2017


    Phone, Cable Giants Build Digital Data surveillance systems to better spy on consumers.  

    9 reasons why they are lobbying Congress to kill your new privacy rights.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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  • Digital Data Ads on People to be Traded like Stock Shares, Rising Consumer Protection & Privacy Concerns

    By: Staff | Mar 15 2017

    FinTech meets AdTech Requires Scrutiny from Regulators, Advocates. Safeguards Needed.    

    NYIAX aims to transform ad inventory into standardized and durable securities. 

    A blockchain-enabled media trading platform running in the cloud and powered by Nasdaq. 

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