Canadians Advance Bill to Limit the Marketing of Unhealthy Foods to Children, Including Online

By: Katharina Kopp | Feb 20 2018

Around the world citizens and governments are putting efforts toward limiting the marketing of unhealthy foods to children in order to address the  growing obesity epidemic worldwide.

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The EU Must Ensure Data Protection & Digital Marketing Safeguards for both Children & Adolescents (and that includes you too, UK!)

By: Jeff Chester | Feb 1 2017

This blog entry by Jeff Chester originally appeared on the Media Policy Blog of the London School of Economics and Political Science here.

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Statement on Edith Ramirez resignation

By: Jeff Chester | Jan 14 2017

Edith Ramirez brought the FTC into the 21st century. Under her leadership, the agency made it clear that new technologies had to treat consumers fairly, including when it came to protecting their privacy. Through enforcement, litigation, and publicly exposing new threats, Edith Ramirez’s commission has created a unique consumer protection legacy that will have a long-lasting and positive impact. Ramirez’s tenure has also been marked by a strong commitment to protecting economically vulnerable and other at-risk consumers, including those who reflect the country’s diversity.

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