Advocates ask FTC to investigate apps which manipulate kids

Oct 30 2018
Popular games for kids 5 and under lure them to watch ads and make in-app purchases

A coalition of 22 consumer and public health advocacy groups called on the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) to investigate the preschool app market. The advocates’ letter urges the FTC to hold app makers accountable for unfair and deceptive practices, including falsely marketing apps that require in-app purchases as “free” and manipulating children to watch ads and make purchases. The complaint was filed  in conjunction with a major new study that details a host of concerning practices in apps targeted to young children.  The study (paywall), “Advertising in Young Children’s Apps,” was led by researchers at University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, and examined the type and content of advertising in 135 children’s apps. 

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