5 Google Videos the NTIA should have shown about mobile marketing and apps

There's so much that should have been said about the mobile environment at yesterday's White House led privacy meeting organized by the NTIA.  Sadly, the Administration failed to take responsibility to ensure that all the issues are presented early and fairly.  Many consumer groups have been concerned about the Department of Commerce's role in the process--especially whether they would place the interests of business ahead of consumers/general public.  The NTIA choose low hanging "fruit loops" in the mobile space by focusing on so-called transparency.  The public--and the consumer and privacy groups which represent them--require a process where the issues are identified, analyzed and prioritized.  What it smacked of yesterday was a NTIA process of railroading the public into a narrow review of issues that aren't connected to reality.

To start CDD's public education campaign io mobile marketing and data collection, review these 5 videos from Google.  Google is really the biggest player in the mobile ad space.  It operates mobile ad targeting services through AdMob, DoubleClick and AdWords.  This is a start and more to come.

1.  Build a great app business with AdMob

2.  Promote your app with AdMob

3.  The Mobile Movement:  Understanding Smartphone Consumers

4.  Mobilize by Going Local

5.  Mobile App Extensions

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