EU Addresses Mobile Privacy and lays out new safeguards for consumers & citizens

The Article 29 Data Protection Working Party, the EU's consortium of data commissioners, have again demonstrated why they and the EU are in the forefront of addressing digital privacy issues.  The group's new opinion on "Geolocation services on smart mobile devices" is an important document [available as pdf].  In addition to a technical analysis, the Opinion calls for greater control by a mobile user over the collection of mobile and location data, including a more meaningful "opt-in" than what is normally delivered now.  It discusses the far-ranging potential of mobile devices, operators, ad networks, developers and others to collect detailed profiles of users (and their social networks).  The Opinion also discusses limits on how long mobile data can be stored, and the access rights individuals should have.  Important reading, which will greatly influence the policy debate in the U.S.  With much work to do!

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