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CDD Calls on FTC to Protect Privacy in today's Hyper-local, geo-targeting, cross-platform, Big Data Era/Warns of Discriminatory Practices with mobile device tracking

Today, CDD filed Comments in the FTC's forthcoming "Mobile Device Tracking" workshop (Feb. 19) on mobile and retail tracking.  As we explain (excerpt):

Rubicon Project's S-1 Illustrates Fear Industry Has with Privacy Safeguards/Time to stop calling cookie data "anonymous"

Today, consumer profiles are developed that include so-called First, Second and Third Party data, linking our online and offline selves.

Verizon Wireless & Big Data: Linking together all its info on the consumer for 1:1 Targeting

As the Federal Trade Commission reviews databrokers, Congress tackles privacy, the White House examines Big Data,  and we wait (now for almost two years) for the Obama Administration to introduce a Privacy Bill of Rights, it's important to address the contemporary realities of data gathering.  Today, companies use Data Management Platforms (DMPs) to pull together all the information on a single individual (see this video to learn mor

Concerns over privacy hit record high, says new survey. Even business interests alarmed

excerpt via Exchangewire:    Privacy awareness body Truste has today (28 January) released its annual Consumer Confidence Index, revealing 60% of participants in the survey were more concerned about their online privacy compared to 12 months ago, with 89% actively “avoiding” companies they don’t believe protect their privacy adequately....However, it seems that contagion has spread to the private sector too, as there are three times as many survey participant

Facebook’s Misleading Data and Marketing Policies and Practices: A CDD Report for the FTC

When Facebook proposed to change its data use practices late last August, we wrote a number of papers to help the FTC.  This is one of them, which discusses the company's ad practices and its relationship to its privacy claims.  This paper addresses a number of Facebook data use and digital marketing strategies, and their impact on user privacy.

Where is Pres. Obama "Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights" as part of NSA reform. Two-year anniversary of plan and still no proposal

While President Obama correctly connected the commercial and governmental collection of citizen information in his speech today, what was missing was any reference to consumer privacy protection.   Yet next month (Feb.

The Hill Publishes BEUC/CDD Commentary: US/EU trade deal will expand surveillance

Co-authored by Kostas Rossoglou of BEUC and and Jeff Chester.  Here's an excerpt:

Target's Data breach, NSA Surveillance, and Google, Facebook, Yahoo Approach to Privacy: The linkage

Target is currently the focus of scrutiny for its data breach involving as many as 110 million consumers.  Target's gathering of consumer data includes its growing use of mobile device related information; indeed they were named "2013 Mobile Retailer of the Year" last month.  Mobile Commerce Daily, which awarded Target with that designation, explained that:

Acxiom: "For every consumer we have more than 5,000 attributes of customer data"

If one goes to Acxiom's, a consumer only sees a "portion" of what the databroker giant knows about them.  More telling is this story from MediaPost yesterday when Axciom was named "Supplier of the Year" for the digital marketing business.  "For every consumer we have more than 5,000 attributes of customer data,” they explained.  Acxiom's Phil Mui adde

Is US Commerce Sec. Penny Pritzker justifying violating Consumer Privacy with her NSA "cost-benefit analysis" proposal? -updated

The Department of Commerce's role is to boost U.S. industry, so it's not surprising--although alarming--that reports say Secretary Pritzker has recommened the White House adopt a "cost-benefit analysis" as it develops its NSA spying policies.  Ms.

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