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IAB's new data targeting in real-time committee, with Google as a leader. See brand-targeting focus

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has created a new committee--called the "Programmatic Council."  It's designed to help companies further advance the real-time tracking, targeting and data-enabled buying of individuals that is commonplace today.  Across the Internet--on PCs, mobile devices, and even soon TV's--a user (or the "inventory" as the industry calls people) are sold via real-time auctions or thru direct sales.  That's because, as is often said, "Math Men a

FTC Tells Facebook it will have to honor Whatsapp's privacy promise; EPIC and CDD letters spur commission action

The Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection sent a letter to Facebook and Whatsapp [attached] requiring the companies to honor the latter's privacy promises (no advertising, highly limited data collection etc).  Facebook is in the process of acquiring Whatsapp.  The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and CDD

CDD to White House Big Data Review: data collection apparatus leading to a commercial surveillance complex

Today is the deadline for Comments to be filed for the White House's forthcoming report on "Big Data."  NGOs pressed the Administration to include public comments during its 90-day inquiry that is led by Senior WH Counselor John Podesta.  Our comments are attached.  Here's an excerpt:

Behind the Commercial Facial Recognition (FR) Digital Curtain: Privacy & Consumer Protection Safeguards Required as NTIA Stakeholders Address FR

Beginning a more informed discussion on the privacy and consumer protection implications of Facial Recognition Technology:  NTIA Privacy Multi-stakeholder Process:

EPIC & CDD file follow-up Whatsapp complaint at FTC; Urges Commission to listen to users and not repeat past errors in merger approval that failed to protect consumers

EPIC and CDD filed this at the FTC today.  Despite the protestations of Whatsapp's founders, they cannot guarantee that Facebook won't eventually incorporate the rich vein of mobile, location and other data that flows from its services.  If the Whatsapp founders are truly to commited to its user privacy, we ask them to enter into a voluntary 20 year consent decree with the FTC, placing on the record that they will maintain privacy practices without Facebook interference. 

CDD files follow-up COPPA complaint on Disney/Marvelkids at FTC/Company needs to do better job on kids privacy and empower parents

Here's a summary from our attorney Eric Null at Institute for Public Representation, Georgetown University Law Center:

Unsafe Harbor: The Unchecked Growth of U.S. Digital Data Collection Practices, Limits to US Regulatory Oversight on Privacy-TTIP

This presentation was delivered today by Jeff Chester at the European Commission's stakeholder meetings in Brussels.


Summary of key points:

EPIC and CDD file "Unfair and Deceptive" Practices Complaint at FTC on Facebook/WhatsApp Deal: WhatsApp Users Were Promised Privacy/Now they will have Facebook

We urge you to review the attached FTC complaint that was filed today by EPIC and CDD.  The millions of WhatsApp users who signed up for the service were promised--repeatedly as you will read in the complaint--that the company didn't want to gather and commercialize their data.   They posed as the "unFacebook," deriding the commercial surveillance apparatus that lies at the core of contemporary online practices.  Yet at the same time they made their public privacy promises, they were being

Pres. Obama Urged to Address Privacy Bill of Rights; Dozens of NGOs support call for comprehensive privacy safeguards

More than 40 groups sent a letter to President Obama today on the second anniversary of the Administration's promise it would seek a new "Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights."  Although the President said in 2012 that "we can't wait" for such new safeguards, so far the Administration has failed to deliver proposed legislative language.  Civil rights, civil liberties, consumer, privacy and child advocacy groups signed t

Proposed Facebook Settlement for Privacy Violations Deemed Insufficient/Friend-of-the-Court Brief Urges Stronger Privacy Protections for Teen Facebook Users

Proposed Facebook Settlement for Privacy Violations Deemed Insufficient
Center for Digital Democracy Leads Coalition of Children’s, Health, and Consumer Advocates in Challenging District Court Decision
Friend-of-the-Court Brief Urges Stronger Privacy Protections for Teen Facebook Users

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