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Online Ad Lobby to Consumers: You Can't See or Control Your Information!

Who owns and controls your information?  You the individual---or the data brokers that now can collect everything you do online and off.  The public got its answer yesterday.  The lobbying group representing Google, Facebook, Yahoo and the unaccountable digital data mining industry say they get to decide whether a consumer can access and control their own information.  These folks have a future working with Mr. Putin at the Kremlin!

Microsoft Expands Data Targeting Across Platform, inc. use of offline data

Microsoft likes to suggest its concerned about consumer privacy.  Yet because they are in the digital marketing business worldwide, they are engaged in the full range of data collection and targeting practices which are problematic to both privacy and consumer protection.  Note how they are tapping into powerful offline databases, using Windows ID log-in information, and targeting cross-platform.  Microsoft will need to do a much better job on privacy.

Google User Tracking and Ad Targeting: "a single creative concept [will] create millions of permutations based on the user"

The integration of data on users and their networks along with advances in digital ad creation now permits many more variations of a interactive ad that's based on the unique behaviors of an individual.  It's one of the key issues involved wth the fight to protect online privacy.   Here's an excerpt from today's on Google's Neal Mohan (from Campaign Asia):

US/EU Groups Say No to Privacy Icon Self-Reg Scheme

Today, the leading consumer and privacy groups from both the U.S.

CDD Calls on Federal Trade Commission to Extend Google Buzz Settlement Terms to All Google Properties

FCC & FTC Asked to Protect Mobile Consumer Privacy in AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

14 Questions the Senate Commerce Committee Should Ask Online Marketers

On July 27, 2010, the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing on Consumer Online Privacy. Apple, Google, AT&T and Facebook officials will testify.  Here are some questions we hope the Committee will ask. 

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