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CDD applauds FTC for telling 9th Circuit Facebook was incorrect on COPPA and that teen privacy can be protected by state law/Calif also weighs in

We were pleased to learn that the FTC filed an Amicus brief in the 9th Circuit yesterday to help create the misleading record Facebook created in the so-called "Sponsored Stories" case.  CDD, along with Public Citizens and the Children's Advovacy Institute (U of San Diego) have been closely working together on the case, to support an outcome that provides the privacy safeguards teens require.  Here's what CDD's attorney Hudson Kingston said about the FTC's filing:

Public Citizen, Children's Advocacy Institute & CDD Oppose Facebook Sponsored Stories Deal That Threatens Teen Privacy/CCFC Rejects Facebook Settlement, Turns down $290K

Feb. 13, 2014

Facebook Settlement Endangers Kids and Breaks Law in Seven States, Public Interest Groups, Parents Tell 9th Circuit
Children’s Privacy Organization Denounces Settlement, Refuses Money

CDD commends FTC on today's Apple decision designed to protect digital consumers

 “The Federal Trade Commission’s investigation of Apple sheds light on a growing practice that poses risks to children and families,” commented Jeff Chester, Executive Director of the Center for Digital Democracy.  “Children are spending increasing amounts of time with mobile apps, generating potentially huge profits for the rapidly expanding gaming and app industries.  In-app purchasing is becoming the dominant business model in many online games and other children’s entertainment content on mobile phones, tablets and gaming devices.  Yet t

Why Twitter Users Should Protect Privacy & use Do Not Track for its Big Data tracking & targeting ad scheme

Twitter's new "Tailored Audiences" digital marketing system is another expansion of how individuals (and their friends) are increasingly subjected to commercial surveillance techniques.  Of course, Twitter is just among the many that feel they have the right to collect, analyze and then make actionable information on us.  The company (like Google and Facebook) principally rely on advertising revenues generated by selling our identities to advertisers.  This business model is a serious threat to privacy.   Twitter

EU and US NGOs respond to EU Date Safe Harbor report: Safe Harbor Program should be suspended until US protects online privacy

Today, the European Commission issued a report evaluating its "Safe Harbor" agreement on data with the U.S.   Here's a statement from BEUC, the European Consumer Organization, and also from CDD:

EU Data Regulation Proposes Important Safeguards for Profiling, inc, on Race/Ethnicity, Religion, Politics, etc

In the new proposed Regulation passed earlier today by the LIBRE committee of the EU Parliament:  "Profiling that has the effect of discriminating against individuals on the basis of race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or beliefs, trade union membership, sexual orie

For Twitter's Future, the Role of Big Marketers and Data, see its IPO--and also its worries that privacy will be protected

With all the breathless discussion on Twitter and its stock price, the real issues are privacy, user control over all their data, and the role of major advertisers shaping its platform.  Here are key excerpts from its newly filed IPO.   Note its concerns about privacy regulation. (my bold as well)

Omnicom/Publicis Deal Requires Scrutiny on Privacy: Big Ad Data Supercharging Cross Platform 360 degree Tracking and Targeting

Global giant ad agencies are in a data arms race, becoming gathers and gatekeepers over information designed to track and target consumers offline, online and across platforms.  This deal illustrates how consumer data has become the trading currency of the 21st Century.  Without it, ad agencies are empty vessels.  The ad and marketing business is increasingly about harnessing the power of Big Data to serve highly personalized, targeted and continuous creative experiences for brands.  The merger illus

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