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Child and Consumer Advocates Urge Federal Trade Commission to Investigate and Bring Action Against Google for Excessive and Deceptive Advertising Directed at Children

So-called “Family-Friendly” YouTube Kids App Combines Commercials and Videos,
Violating Long-Standing Safeguards for Protecting Children

Obama Administration Consumer Privacy Bill Fails to Protect Consumers, Gives Greater Control of our Information to Data Companies

Three years ago,  President Obama promised that his administration would deliver a “Privacy Bill of Rights” to protect American consumers. The bill released today is a serious setback for privacy.

Bravo, President Obama on Net Neutrality and Supporting People over the Telecom Monopolies

The President understands what's at stake for Americans if the country allows the phone and cable industry to successfully control the online medium.  His support for Title II regulation stands as a key acheivement of his Administration.  The goal of the cable and phone lobby has always been to extend into the Internet world the same domination they have enjoyed providing phone and TV service.  Hopefully, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler, a former cable and telec

CDD statement on Yelp, COPPA and FTC

This case shows that even large companies are rushing to make mobile apps without building in appropriate safeguards for children, required by COPPA. Yelp not only collected information from children, it published their reviews to anyone who checked the site—potentially putting child users at further risk in terms of privacy and safety harms.

CDD Statement on FTC legal action against Amazon's unfair practices regarding kids, apps and purchasing

"Amazon’s policies of making it simple for children to accidentally spend hundreds of dollars in a “kids” app, and its apparent refusal to refund the money to complaining parents, are irresponsible and unfair.   Today’s FTC action shows that consumers who have been charged for their kids unauthorized in-app purchases should not have to foot the bill.

The FTC databroker report--a chilling analysis of a out-of-control US commercial data surveillance complex; but more action required

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a powerful and disturbing privacy wake-up call. The report reveals the largely invisible Big Data-driven complex that regularly spies on every American, comprehensively following our activities both online and off. It delivers a critical “black eye” to the data-broker industry, which has cynically expanded its surveillance on Americans without regard to their privacy.

White House commended for "Big Data" report, but should have addressed commercial data surveillance complex

The White House should be commended for reviewing issues related to “Big Data,” including acknowledging the discriminatory role this technology can play. However, the report failed to identify the commercial surveillance complex that has been put in place by Google, Facebook, and many other data-driven businesses.

CDD applauds FTC for telling 9th Circuit Facebook was incorrect on COPPA and that teen privacy can be protected by state law/Calif also weighs in

We were pleased to learn that the FTC filed an Amicus brief in the 9th Circuit yesterday to help create the misleading record Facebook created in the so-called "Sponsored Stories" case.  CDD, along with Public Citizens and the Children's Advovacy Institute (U of San Diego) have been closely working together on the case, to support an outcome that provides the privacy safeguards teens require.  Here's what CDD's attorney Hudson Kingston said about the FTC's filing:

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