Leading U.S. Consumer & Privacy Groups call on Pres. Obama to Revise Privacy Bill; Stronger Safeguards Needed

The letter (attached) was sent today to Pres. Obama. 
Jeff Chester, CDD's executive director, explained that the Administration's proposal--released last Friday--fails to give consumers the control over their data the President promised.  It was signed by:

TACD calls on FTC and Irish DPA to protect Facebook users privacy and "halt" its new global tracking tactic

TACD calls on regulators to stop Facebook collecting web browsing data

July 29, 2014

CDD addresses Privacy and Big Data Issues in US/EU Trade Deal at 5th TTIP Negotiating Round Stakeholders Forum

Joy Spencer, CDD’s Associate Director made a statement on Big Data and Privacy Issues—including inadequacies in the Safe Harbor Regime at the Fifth Transatlantic Trade and Investment (TTIP) Negotiating Round Stakeholders Forum.
CDD’s statement raised concerns about the impact of contemporary data collection practices on the US privacy framework and its potential to create “new modes of discrimination” even as it exacerbates old ones. 

CDD joins NGOs calling on White House "Big Data" report to support safeguards, inc. oversight, accountability and control

This letter signed by leading NGOs was sent to the White House's BIg Data review.  Excerpt and letter is attached:

Pres. Obama Urged to Address Privacy Bill of Rights; Dozens of NGOs support call for comprehensive privacy safeguards

More than 40 groups sent a letter to President Obama today on the second anniversary of the Administration's promise it would seek a new "Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights."  Although the President said in 2012 that "we can't wait" for such new safeguards, so far the Administration has failed to deliver proposed legislative language.  Civil rights, civil liberties, consumer, privacy and child advocacy groups signed t

Candy Crush IPO: " We collect and store significant amounts of information about our players... PII and Non-PII"

The IPO SEC filings help provide a roadmap for privacy and consumer advocates, as well as regulators.  Read some of the telling practices found in the new IPO filed by the creators of Candy Crush and other games.  Excerpt:
"We collect and store significant amounts of information about our players—both personally identifying and non-personally identifying information...

Civil Society groups ask White House inquiry on Big Data, announced as part of new NSA policies, to include public comment

This letter was sent today to John Holdren, the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and was signed by 25 groups.  It calls on the White House to include a public comment period as part of its current 90-day "Big Data" review announced by the President during his speech on NSA reforms.  It coincides as well with a meeting planned today on the issue led by John Podesta.

U.S. NGOs Call on the EU to Support Data Privacy


23 US Public Interest Groups Back European Union Data Protection Regulation


WASHINGTON – A coalition of 23 US consumer, privacy and public interest groups  today wrote the European Parliament expressing strong support for the proposed European Data Protection Regulation because “we believe that the promotion of stronger privacy standards in Europe will benefit consumers around the globe.”


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