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CDD and CCFC urge Federal Trade Commission to investigate and bring action against AgeCheq for COPPA Violations

Center for Digital Democracy and Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Urge Federal Trade Commission to investigage and                                                              Bring Action Against AgeCheq for COPPA Violations

U.S. PIRG and CDD urge Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to issue regulations and safeguards for mobile and digital financial services and privacy

Apple iPhone/mobile payments era poses threats and opportunities for consumers,
especially those financially at risk

CDD calls on Obama Adm. to seek strong privacy rules for Big Data/Urges FTC Rulemaking & End of Self-reg stakeholder process

Today was the deadline for Comments to be filed in the President's Big Data and privacy proceeding.   CDD filed the attached comments, and also joined with a NGO coalition on thie issue representing the civil rights, consumer and privacy communities.  CDD's filing urged the following:

CDD Statement on FTC legal action against Amazon's unfair practices regarding kids, apps and purchasing

"Amazon’s policies of making it simple for children to accidentally spend hundreds of dollars in a “kids” app, and its apparent refusal to refund the money to complaining parents, are irresponsible and unfair.   Today’s FTC action shows that consumers who have been charged for their kids unauthorized in-app purchases should not have to foot the bill.

CDD FOIA's first annual reports on COPPA Kids Privacy Compliance by Safe Harbor Co's Submitted to FTC

As part of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the federal law protecting the digital privacy of kids 12 and under (and which empowers parents or other key caregivers to control the data collected from children), a so-called "Safe Harbor" system was created.  The theory being that companies joining a FTC approved Safe Harbor regime, which is commited to ensuring meaningful compliance with COPPA, is an effective way to have companies follow the law.  Yesterday was the deadline for Safe Harbor reports to be submitted to the FTC, and the first once sin

The FTC databroker report--a chilling analysis of a out-of-control US commercial data surveillance complex; but more action required

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a powerful and disturbing privacy wake-up call. The report reveals the largely invisible Big Data-driven complex that regularly spies on every American, comprehensively following our activities both online and off. It delivers a critical “black eye” to the data-broker industry, which has cynically expanded its surveillance on Americans without regard to their privacy.

CDD addresses Privacy and Big Data Issues in US/EU Trade Deal at 5th TTIP Negotiating Round Stakeholders Forum

Joy Spencer, CDD’s Associate Director made a statement on Big Data and Privacy Issues—including inadequacies in the Safe Harbor Regime at the Fifth Transatlantic Trade and Investment (TTIP) Negotiating Round Stakeholders Forum.
CDD’s statement raised concerns about the impact of contemporary data collection practices on the US privacy framework and its potential to create “new modes of discrimination” even as it exacerbates old ones. 

FTC told that iKeepSafe proposal on children's privacy will not ensure COPPA safeguards

Statement from Hudson Kingston, CDD Legal Director:

FTC Tells Facebook it will have to honor Whatsapp's privacy promise; EPIC and CDD letters spur commission action

The Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection sent a letter to Facebook and Whatsapp [attached] requiring the companies to honor the latter's privacy promises (no advertising, highly limited data collection etc).  Facebook is in the process of acquiring Whatsapp.  The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and CDD

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