Online Ad Lobby to Consumers: You Can't See or Control Your Information!

Who owns and controls your information?  You the individual---or the data brokers that now can collect everything you do online and off.  The public got its answer yesterday.  The lobbying group representing Google, Facebook, Yahoo and the unaccountable digital data mining industry say they get to decide whether a consumer can access and control their own information.  These folks have a future working with Mr. Putin at the Kremlin!

Online Biz Lobby Expands in DC, inc. Google, Facebook, Yahoo. Privacy on its radar screen

One sign of the success of my CDD and our privacy, consumer protection and civil liberties allies is the dramatic growth of lobbyists working for the online marketing industry in DC (and around world).  Google, Facebook, Yahoo and others are fearful that the Congress and FTC will weigh in and protect the public.  That's why the digital giants have opened up their sizeable wallets to help them buy the influence and professional assistance they require.  Politico has a very good article on these latest developments.  Which I excerpt below because it should be on

Google's Expansion of Admeld and Display ads products another illustration of why its privacy plan changed

The folks at Google need to do some soul-searching--and fast.  With the EU and others gathering evidence on the failure of Google to candidly inform users of the real reasons for its new privacy policy, the company really risks suffering from serious reputational harm.  There's no reason why Google can't admit to its users that the name of the game on online data

Why Political Online Marketing for Elections & Campaigns Require Regulatory Safeguards

For the last several years, we have closely followed the growth of digital marketing used by campaigns and special interest groups.  It was always evident to us that we would conduct our elections and shape political influence through digital marketing.   But this new medium, able to capture our thoughts, interests and desires in an instant; which can follow and track us whereever we go and do online; that can sell the right to target us with an interactive ad to the highest bidder in milliseconds; and has gathered and analyzed data about our finances, health, kids, race/ethn

Google Targets Teens as it Re-envisions Coca Cola Ads for the Digital Era

Google is working to help advertisers better understand the power and impact of digital marketing, through its Project Re: Brief initiative.  The online ad giant is reworking classic campaigns if they were created today, using powerful interactive techniques targeting mobile and PC platforms.  One of the reworked campaigns is for the classic Coca-Cola "buy the world a coke" ad from the early 1970's.  In its revision, Google offers teens as the target audience.  Nevermind, the yo

For Online Ad Companies, the Net's DNA is Advertising. Failure of Serious Democratic Vision for Online

In their Feb. 23, 2012 release praising the Obama Adminitration for supporting "self-regulation" to address threats to consumer privacy online, six powerful trade groups laid bare their own limited vision.  In the statement, the groups explain that "...central to the promise of digital media is advertising.

Cookie Wars:How New Data Profiling and Targeting Techniques Threaten Citizens and Consumers in the “Big Data” Era--now published

Our chapter in a new edited volume called European Data Protection: In Good Health? is now published.  It survey's the contemporary digital data tracking and online marketing landscape.  It pulls back the curtain on many digital marketing practices and claims.  Worth a look, as they say, if you have time.  More info here.

EU to Online Ad Lobby: Make a Serious Do-Not-Track System and Work with W3C

The EU's Article 29 Working Party, the data protection commissioners group, has sent a letter to the IAB EU and EASA saying that the online ad industry should work with the W3C's Do Not Track process.  As you know, the White House endorsed two weeks ago the Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA) plan to develop a form of Do Not Track.  However, many privacy and consumer groups worry that the DAA's approach will

IAB Attacks EU, W3C. Says Protecting Privacy Online is Bigger threat to the Internet than SOPA or PIPA!

When the head of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB/US) goes on a tirade in front of the world's leading digital marketing and advertising companies, it's worth noting what's the alarm about.  According to IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg, the biggest threat to the Internet today isn't SOPA or PIPA--it's the work of the EU and W3C to protect consumer privacy!

Online Ad Giants to Congress: Don't Protect Consumers Online. Let us develop the safeguards!

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) political wheeling and dealing should come under greater policymaker and press scrutiny, especially from EU privacy officials.  Online data collection companies are terrified that policymakers will enact reasonable safeguards that ensure consumers and citizens get to decide how their data can be collected and used--not the digital data grabbers at Google, Facebook, and many others.  These digital marketers would prefer that private deals be struck that will allow the data profiling status quo, including on issues related to our finances,

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