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Digital Junk Food Marketing and African American Youth/Infographic by CDD

Youth of color are a key focus for digital marketers, especially for fast-foods and beverages linked to the youth obesity epidemic.  The digital targeting of African American and Hispanic youth is growing, and uses a full array of sophisticated mobile, geo-location, social media and other cutting-edge marketing strategies.  Food and beverage marketers should adopt practices that stop unfair and irresponsible digital marketing practices.  The FTC and State AG's should call for safeguards.

Is Apple the digital "Trojan Horse" that enables greater data collection? Its use of "behavioral targeting"

Apple's privacy announcements are a positive step.  But we cannot accept they don't know--and aren't taking advantage of--the dramatic changes transforming financial (and health) decision-making due to the convergence of our digital lifestyle and Big Data-driven society.  We believe Apple is repositioning itself to be a "middleman" between its customers and partners--which are the banks, credit card companies, retailers, fast food restaurants and health services.  The business for Apple, Google and practically everyone else is to collect as much data on

CDD statement on Yelp, COPPA and FTC

This case shows that even large companies are rushing to make mobile apps without building in appropriate safeguards for children, required by COPPA. Yelp not only collected information from children, it published their reviews to anyone who checked the site—potentially putting child users at further risk in terms of privacy and safety harms.

Big Data Tracking & Targeting Coming to Live Nation Rock Concerts/" we can create unique, specific targets"

Live Nation Entertainment is "the world's leading live entertainment company."  Like everyone else, it wants to use the data it gathers on its customers to target them online.  Although the company, in this interview, says this will be done in a privacy way, they should be required to publicly demonstrate the case.  This is something the FTC and other regulators should also review.  Here's the excerpt from the

FTC's Settlement with Google Praised/Warns about Google's plans to further target kids online

Statement of Hudson Kingston, CDD Legal Director:

Google's plans to target kids with marketing and ads/Strong safeguards required/Must demonstrate corp. responsibility

Whether a scoop or a purposeful leak to the The Information online news site in order to gauge political reaction, Google's plans to begin micro-targeting children 12 and younger is a critical public policy and child welfare issue.  As the leading digital

When will DoJ/FTC Put a Stop to Big Data Mergers? Deals keep coming, placing privacy & competition at risk

We think both the DoJ and FTC are failing to seriously address the impact of growing consolidation in the digital data consumer targeting industry.  The latest deal came yesterday, when Rocket Fuel said it was acquiring X+1.  These transactions have serious consequences for consumers, in terms of their privacy, and also impact the competitiveness of the marketplace.  The antitrust agencies need to do a better job to understand the so-called "programmatic&quo

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